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I've tried online dating, and my friends have asked around for me, but I'm beginning to wonder: Are my best days behind me? Trust me, the nerves of today's women are so shredded by the constant effort of trying to forget the jerks they've dated in the past, the most probable way a woman will tumble for you, wonderful as you are, is simply out of sheer exhaustion.(I know, I know, experts say women actually "want" a "nice guy," but show those women a jerk, and they'll trample their own therapists to get to him. The rule is: An amiable woman will endure the depredations of five assholes before she accidentally meets a good guy and falls for him (though certain ladies of my acquaintance have felt compelled to suffer through the crimes of as many as 11, 12, or even 13 cads before they wise up and start refusing to leave the house).

Even elegant, sprightly women who've managed to break the Ring of Rapscallions—sounds like a J.

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and complaining about guys who don’t treat them well?

Surely women are making a huge mistake by not hooking up with nice guys, right? So, does that mean the secret to success with women to be a bad boy, jerk or asshole and treat women badly? As you will discover throughout this list of 55 reasons why nice guys fail with women, the secret is to be a good guy who also makes a woman feel sexually attracted and turned on during conversations and interactions.

When you bring more to the table yourself, your options improve,” he explains.

"Alternatively, make your intentions clear from the start and if they aren't returned, don't wait around.”Now that is some good advice, my friends.

he is confident, gets her laughing, is charismatic) and is then nice to her, she will actually enjoy it and refer to him as a charming guy.

However, if a guy starts off being really nice to her in the hope that she will like him enough to give him a chance, she will close up because the attraction isn’t mutual.

There’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy, but women only care if you’re nice AFTER they feel sexually attracted to you.

If a woman isn’t sexually attracted to you, she’s not going to reward you with sex, love and devotion just because you’re nice to her. Surely she is just confused.” What the nice guy fails to realize is that being really nice to a woman doesn’t then entitle him to date her or have sex with her.

When a sports team drafts a player, they choose one who meets their needs.

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