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Natasha Soultanova Corwin was born in 1970, which makes her current age 47.

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Natasha Soultanova Corwin is regarded as a minor celebrity and there are no information about her work.

She is mainly a housewife as she is the one who takes care of their two daughters while Jeff usually travels all around to provide for his family while doing his various shows and conservationist and environmental work.

Her husband, Jeff Corwin, is widely acclaimed for his nature conservationist work as he is a wildlife biologist.

He travels all across earth in order to conserve and protect the wildlife that needs protecting.

Natasha Soultanova Corwin and Jeff would also have to move a few times because of that but they finally settled down once they got their two daughters and are stable since then.

Natasha Soultanova Corwin is still an attractive woman and does not show any signs of aging.

She would later come to America for her studies as she came to Massachusetts.

This is where she met Jeff as they saw each other and fell in love immediately.

We do not have any information about how much Natasha could be worth but Jeff Corwin himself has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

As it was stated, Natasha Soultanova Corwin is married to the famous TV personality and nature conservationist Jeff Corwin.

They got their elder child Maya in 2003 while Marina was born a little bit later in 2008.

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