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But I love my goat cheese; I actually love cheese in any incarnation.

I do try to stay away from potatoes, but when I cheat, it's mashed potatoes. People are going to be so angry that you can look like that and admit you cheat!

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Instead of saying, "I'm too old now," I'd see other people doing it and wonder why I was limiting myself? Yes, finding myself divorced again – I wasn't supposed to be there. I came to terms with it - the fact this wasn't happening to me, it was happening for me.

Once I started looking at things like that it really changed my perspective. it's all about perspective and it's the hardest thing to change.

So that happened, and then I decided to start eating healthier and work out more.

You get to the point of being thin, and then it's time to tone and tune.

When 2015 rolled around, did you consciously say, "I am literally going to work my butt off"? Just going through the divorce...there came a turning point, and I really wanted to change things from that point on. You can be empowered by your embitterment and anger and resentment over things, but the bottom line is we are always the good guy in our story; often that's simply not the truth. I think finding that balance is what is really empowering - getting back to your core self and really being in touch with your spirit again, sort of being rocketed by your spirit rather than your story. When you're in the middle of it all, it really is a daily practice and not something that can be conceptualized.

Yeah, I'm literally going to work my ass, my spirit, my subconscious and conscious and everything off. Did you get help from a trainer or seek any other help? It really has to be something that becomes embedded in your psyche and something you practice and really believe in.Your muscles start to atrophy, so I do those two days a week for maybe an hour or so.I also jump on the treadmill for 15 minutes to warm up. But, seriously, nothing makes me more nervous - even when I was in my 20s and modeling - than being in a swimsuit. " I mean, I don't kill myself in the gym, but I will definitely push myself.Following the end of "CSI: Miami" – she starred on the series from 2005 until its 2012 cancelation – La Rue decided to take some time off and just be a mom to 13-year-old daughter Kaya.After taking stock both personally and professionally, Eva is back with a burgeoning jewelry line and a TV series she created that's now in development. It should be like the old days when you can lie about your age (laughs), but I probably wouldn't do that anyway.I like to jog, but I don't do it too much – things like the joints start to hurt a little (laughs). Believe me, I still feel nervous getting into a swimsuit; you always look at yourself and think perhaps I shouldn't have eaten all that bread yesterday? It's about going that extra mile because it's easy to cop out. I really try to not eat a lot of white food: rice, bread and pasta.

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