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Until Plone 3.x this used to make a lot of variable definitions available directly in your template, as the main template pulled in definitions from the global_template.This was handy, but the downside was that for every template lots of these variables were calculated but never used.For example, Kupu now registers the icon for its control panel using the following file in its Generic Setup profile: The 'icon_expr' setting gives the URL for the icon associated with this configlet.

updating plone-6

The Plone developers decided that this was too expensive (when thinking in terms of processor time) and removed the global defines.

This makes Plone faster, but it does ask for some changes in your product. The theoretical approach would be to open all your templates in an editor and check if every variable that is used in a TALES expression (like tal:content or tal:define) has been defined earlier in that same template.

Products providing icons for CMF actions should now register them using the 'icon_expr' setting on the action itself, rather than using the separate action icons tool.

In Plone 3, products could register icons associated with CMF actions using the action icons tool (portal_actionicons in the ZMI, in Generic Setup profiles).

Plone hotfixes are released after timely announcement from the Security Team.

To stay up to date, it is advisable when you are the administrator of a Plone site, to suscribe to the Plone Announce mailing list This is a very low-volume list.

Versions of Zope 2 prior to Zope 2.12.0 supported two types of interfaces (the old Zope 2 implementation and the new Zope 3 implementation from zope.interface). In Plone 2.5 and Plone 3, Zope contained two different ways of declaring that a class implements a particular interface.

Zope 2 style: In Plone 3, the Zope 2 style interfaces were defined in and the Zope 3 ones in the interface folder.

Note that some variables are still globally available, the most important being context, view and template.

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