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If it finds more than one driver, the wizard will display a list of the drivers found and ask you to select one.If no drivers are available, the server will try using Windows Update to obtain the driver.When using the From A List Or Specified Location method, the wizard will display a list of devices found and known drivers for these devices.

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The Search method may work best if you stored your downloaded driver files on another server or have downloaded them previously and do not remember exactly where they are stored.

When using the Search method, Windows Server 2003 will install a compatible driver if there is one on the system.

Follow these steps to update an existing device driver through the Device Manager in Windows Server 2003: Be sure to compare the properties of the existing and new drivers to ensure the new one is a later version.

To do this, click the Driver Details button on the Device Properties screen to display information about the currently installed driver.

There is a possibility you can eliminate the problem by simply updating your drivers.

You can manually update your drivers or use software to quickly find and replace your faulty drivers.Then, browse to the location of the driver file for this device and click OK.Derek Schauland has been tinkering with Windows systems since 1997.Most drivers can be quickly updated using your operating systems device manager. Before you update your driver you might want to create a Restore Point Sometimes you may have to go in search of the driver or use Update Driver Software.This will require you using the driver name that it is indicated driver name section.Sometimes your device will suddenly stop working as well as did previously.

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