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In fact, the amount of copper in Arizona is so unusual that it has been called a planetary resource.These large deposits are known as ‘‘porphyry coppers.’’ Nowhere else in the world are deposits of this kind so well known, concentrated and studied.Some are geologic features such as Sunset Crater, just northeast of Flagstaff.

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A series of these complexes begins in southeastern Arizona and curves through the western states into Oregon.

They are an unusual kind of mountain peculiar to this region and begin with the Rincon and Santa Catalina mountains north and east of Tucson.

This is the most they’ve won without the home-nation advantage, ranking behind only the Glasgow 2014 event.

In the last edition, they won 19 gold, 15 silver, and 19 bronze medals, for 53 total medals – each of those 4 tallies was a new Scottish record.

Earlier life in Arizona was not unlike that in other parts of the world.

During the Paleozoic Era, about 550 million to 200 million years ago, inhabitants included marine animals such as brachiopods, mollusks, corals, sponges and trilobites.A short distance west of Winslow lies Meteor Crater, which is about 1,215 m (4,000 ft) across and ranges in depth to 180 m (600 ft).In recent years phenomena called ‘‘metamorphic core complexes’’ have been recognized by geologists.Fossil teeth and plates of bony armor of primitive fish offer evidence of vertebrate life during Devonian time, about 400 million years ago, when most of what we know as Arizona was under water.By the end of the Paleozoic Era reptiles and amphibians had appeared, but this part of the record in Arizona is scanty.It was part of a find in a quarry on the Navajo Indian Reservation that also included the discovery of the oldest turtle skeleton known in North America.

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