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Less than 40 percent of the 24,000 people prescribed antiretroviral medications (ARVs) had access to them.

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Lazarus was “once poor” because he lived in poverty on earth but in death was taken up to the bosom of Abraham where he was comforted. He enjoys eternal life and is not burned by the flames as was the rich man who ignored Lazarus’ need(s).

Let us all take a moment to reflect upon our lives and its direction and ask if we are ready to meet the Father if we were called home today.

The sage songwriter told tales and sang songs and apologized for his cracking voice, the consequence of a “second puberty,” he said, this one “when your hair falls out and little people start calling you Grandpa.” The final verse of the new album’s intriguingly titled “Egg & Daughter Nite, Lincoln, Nebraska 1967 (Crazy Bone),” is set in an old folks’ home, where “far across the prairie, in the local cemetery, they’ve already got your name carved in stone.” At the Merriam, it featured a scat singing interlude that owed more to Clarence “Frogman” Henry than Sarah Vaughan. Among the half-dozen songs that Prine and his superb band – which included guitarist Jason Wilber and multi-string instrument wizard Fats Kaplin – did from the album , there was another one that made reference to entering through the pearly gates.

And on the part-spoken, part-sung “When I Get to Heaven,” which ends the album and came toward the close of the sprightly, perfectly understated hour-and-45-minute set, Prine imagined an afterlife in which he would open up a nightclub called the Tree of Forgiveness, with plans to have mercy on “everybody ever done me any harm,” including “a few choice critics, those syphilitic parasitics.” But while Prine’s current state of mind is certainly informed by his chronological condition, the career-spanning show demonstrated what his powerfully empathetic songs have always been preoccupied with: age and the passage of time, going all the way back to his 1971 self-titled debut, when he was a former mail carrier and U. That was “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore,” a cautionary tale about the human cost of reflexive, unthinking patriotism.

Prine’s formative years in the Vietnam era still cast a shadow over his deceptively folksy, darkly comic work.

He and his well-dressed band began the show performing in front of a backdrop that depicted a general store in idealized Paradise, Ky.In 1993, 9.4 percent of the impoverished nation was infected with HIV, a number that represented almost half the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in the entire Caribbean. Many hospitals and HIV/AIDS clinics were crippled, if not destroyed, and the health-care system that had proudly enabled the Caribbean nation to control its HIV/AIDS epidemic collapsed .By 2008 the adult HIV prevalence in Haiti had fallen to 2.2 percent--approximately 120,000 people, 53 percent of whom were women--reports the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). Relief and international funding did not arrive quickly enough.I started to think about how beautiful it is at death when a soul in the state of grace and who loved and served God throughout his/her life goes to God.When such a person dies, they are greeted by the saints and angels who come to receive that soul and guide it into heaven (here represented by Jerusalem).Father and King: these ought to inspire piety and fear of the Lord.

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