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somewhere else,” the Freeze, Crosscut's Mossback columnist Knute Berger explained on KUOW, is “the surprisingly cold nature of Seattle residents towards newcomers." Freeze believers blame the weather, the nerdy techies streaming in and the fact that many natives claim Nordic heritage (in fact, Nordicians make up only 7.4 percent of Seattle’s population).

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Couth Buzzard Books hosts open mics every Wednesday at p.m.

with regular attendees — Radiohead wannabes, tap dancers, harmonica players, Joan Jett grandmas.

Organizing for Seattle meets the first Tuesday of every even-numbered month around p.m. Informational flyers are fun to read, or to use as coasters.

Email [email protected] deets about the next event. Gasworks Gallery has been rolling out free gallery parties on the first Fridays of March, June, September and December for the last 10 years, often with several hundred attendees, according to Founder Matt Jones.

He showed me the tattoos on his arms, one reading “love is not love until it’s given away.” But we had more similarities than differences.

Only one year apart and both new to Seattle, we were battling that Seattle aloofness.You can become a human canvas, as long as you bring a white T-shirt. Open mics in chill, ultra-hipster coffee shops allow you to sit back and check out local talent in a welcoming atmosphere.The only pressure is the steam coming out of the espresso machines.While not all acts are equal in talent, none is cringe-worthy and everyone is respectful of each other’s time.And even if you’re not feeling gutsy enough to share your song or poetry onstage, watching others perform while sipping a latte is so satisfying.Jessica Buxbaum, a 22-year-old transplant, and my own 19-year-old newcomer self did not venture to Seattle this summer to wallow in self pity. At our first Greendrinks event, we met a few eco-conscious gals (one sipping beer out of a mason jar) who told us about art therapy, bodybuilding competitions and the best thrift shops in town.

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