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Lauren's work in previous weeks with partner Neil Haskell, especially during last week's contemporary Mia Michaels routine (which she revealed was more about two people looking to score a fix than to fix a drain), garnered raves from the judges. "Switching up the partners was totally different, but we really clicked and I had a blast up there." She's diplomatic, however: "I would have picked anyone to dance with.

d=0VSG5R8PFrom observing him on the show for a while I thought he was more jazz/lyrical...

The top 10 dancers on "So You Think You Can Dance" performed with some format changes this week: The partners were changed around and each dancer had to perform identical solos.

We've been killing it." The judges seem to agree thus far, reserving the most negative comments of the night for Kameron and even some for thus-far golden boys Dominic and Pasha.

Despite her love for the boys ("They're amazing"), Lauren can't disagree.

They turned out a technologically themed Shane Sparks hip-hop routine, a genre she's familiar with. But this year everyone's doing amazing, so standing there picking our new partners' names from the hat, I had no worries.

In fact, a lot of people say they wish it'd be split up from their old partners each week.

Lacey, meanwhile, continued to dominate the paired dancing, while Danny Tidwell could barely conceal his disdain for her larger-than-life personality.

Dominic brought a theatricality to the dance floor for Jaimie Goodwin that her previous partner Hok Konishi could not -- but too much, for the judges.

Sara Von Gillern's and Neil Haskell's fun disco routine proved that they're a strong couple but strong individual dancers as well, as pairs dancing isn't either of their fortes. In addition to the partners being switched, each dancer performed a solo to a Wade Robson routine.

Although it was admirable for the choreographer to tackle the topic of war and peace, the resulting routine was reminiscent of those Gap "Red" ads.

She's so laid-back and down to earth and real and normal, and she didn't want to throw anything fake out there." Unfortunately, the judges thus felt that her personality was lacking.

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