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Continue your trip along the Olt River Valley and discover Transylvania's forest-covered slopes, unspoiled landscapes, quaint villages, and fortified churches.

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A opta ediție a studiului bienal Pw C Global Family Business Survey a fost realizată pe un eșantion de 2.802 proprietari și directori executivi din cadrul afacerilor de familie din 50 de țări la nivel global, inclusiv România.

A treia ediția a raportului asupra principalelor rezultate pentru țara noastră are la bază răspunsurile a 68 de lideri ai afacerilor de familie din România.

The report provides insight on sectors, territories and companies of all sizes.

Beneficiaţi de o sută de ani de experienţă în domeniu.

Romania Location: Transylvania – Central Romania Nearby large towns: Brasov (11 miles southwest)Nearest train station: Prejmer

Romania Location: Transylvania – Central Romania Nearby large town: Sighisoara (10 miles west) Nearest train station: Saschiz

In Pw C's Global Consumer Insights Survey 2018, which surveyed over 22,000 shoppers in 27 countries, consumers told us their shopping behaviours, habits and expectations when it comes to delivery, technology and AI.

Change in the asset & wealth management industry is now accelerating at an exponential rate.

The of mural and icon painting established at the monastery in the 18th century had a profound influence on religious art and architecture in the Balkan region.

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