Rati pandey and sumit vats dating

He has got two brothers and two sisters and is the eldest of his siblings.

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“Well, I am getting to learn a lot from my entire cast and crew as they are all senior and humble people.

Incidentally, I am the only junior person in the team.

His mother and sister wear Burqa and his upbringing would never allow him to marry a girl who is exposed on screen.

There’s no point in marrying an actress, quips Anas!

Sumit Vats, Currently seen in Hitler Didi on Zee TV is very busy shooting these days.

When caught him for a freewheeling chat, Sumit unwound his professional.

Indira and her mother are left shocked after seeing the documents. Indira's mother requests Inder to withdraw his complaint in order to get Munna freed. Indira gets furious and asks her to leave the house.

Before leaving, a furious Jhumpa threatens to throw Indira and her family out of the house.

Well, I don’t plan anything and go with the flow of the script.

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