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The next time you see an attractive portuguese girl, follow these simple steps: Não sei se estás a falar a sério, mas aqui vai: Depois de 4 anos a trabalhar num hostel (boa vida para um solteiro) conheci uma miúda com quem comecei uma coisa mais séria.Estamos juntos há uns anos :)This sounds very accurate to me.

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I am a portuguese girl but I am going to write this in english so that foreigners can also read, understand and contribute if they want.

I have a portuguese friend who keeps telling it's hard to get portuguese girls, because we are snobbish and picky comparing with foreigners. Also, do you think that portuguese men aren't as sucessful maybe because they don't have as much confidence to approach someone as foreign men, because around here there's not much of the "hook-up" mentality? With my simple guide, you'll be meeting portuguese girls in no time at all!

I'm also a Portuguese girl and I agree that women in general are conservative.

However, the most interesting question to ask, aren't Portuguese men very conservative as well?However, the men didn't label women as easy if they used Tinder.Here in Portugal, only my guy friends use Tinder and when they spot an acquaintance, they start gossiping and saying that girl is looking for dick.But I always see the same side of the issue being discussed here and it's more complex than that, it's not strictly a women's issue, it's a societal issue. I was called "slut" by an ex boyfriend because I already had relationships with other guys before even knowing him and because I kissed a guy that I was interested in (and he was also interested in me) in our first date.But at the same time, he had a friend who cheated in every girlfriend he had and had sex with every girl he would meet, and he never criticised him.If you want to have lots of action, you can't create an atmosphere where girls are judged after doing it. That's the difference between our society and the Brazilian, overall, they don't care about a woman's past in the same way that Portuguese men do, so women are free to express themselves sexually without the same constraints as Portuguese women.

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