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Don't get me wrong, the beginning is really maddening, but it gets real cute real quick.

And of course it has the nice fairytale ending with Hugh Jackman." – erika10vachon Watch on: Netflix UK and more"It's cheesy as heck, but I love me some Last Holiday.

The love interest is in the background compared to a fight for justice that involves She's the Man-esque cross-dressing." – Josie Watch on: Netflix UK, Canada, Brazil and more"It's a witty, heartfelt rom-com about two teenagers who meet outside of a party and end up immediately hitting it off.

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Apparently at some point Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro started having sex and as the Duggars can tell you, if there is no protection there is always the chance someone will get pregnant.

Watch on: Netflix US"It stars David Tennant as James Arber, an author who is engaged to an extremely famous actress (Alice Eve).

He’s expecting a tirade, but she laughs it off: “I’m a hippie!

” Kazan — who does have a wonderful laugh — gets the most interesting storyline, with Maria planning a lavish wedding, but eventually questioning her entire culture.

“In my day, you were raised to be married,” she says, and it’s a lament rather than a lecture.

Meanwhile, Toula struggles with a marriage that’s lost its sizzle amid work, teen-wrangling and caring for elderly parents (a savvy plot point for an audience that’s likely to skew on the older side).

Some things, like ouzo and flaming cheese, are best left at single servings.

It’s understandable that creator/writer Nia Vardalos would come back for seconds with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” — after all, the first was a sleeper megahit — but 14 years later, this reunion of cuddly-but-tiresome stereotypes makes you wish she’d left well enough alone.

Cannot recommend highly enough." – emilye410147352 Watch on: Netflix US"It's so funny and heartwarming and just like a classic rom-com, and it stars Nia Vardalos and John Corbett, making it like My Big Fat Greek Wedding nostalgia!

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