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Though it might be tempting to think of Facebook as a private communication, a plaintiff only has to show that a third party saw the communication and it hurt their reputation.

You can commit libel with something distributed to a small list of your friends the same as if you had posted it on the broader Web.

If you talk too intimately about your work, or anything else you’ve agreed not to talk about, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit for breach of contract.

However, that can be said on pretty much anything you signed a contract to do and didn’t do, including wearing the wrong hair extensions.

The law isn’t going to draw much of a distinction between the two in most areas and, as such, there isn’t much reason you should either.

I’ve always had a penchant for finding flaws within supposedly secure systems.

I wasn’t able to find an example of a copyright holder suing for copyright infringement over a Facebook posting but it could easily happen.

The suits and threats are rare now as much of the infringement likely is private but as Facebook opens up, so will the searches for copyrighted material and, along with it, the takedown filings and lawsuits.What you post on a Facebook, as well as other social networks, can easily come back to haunt you if you aren’t careful and it isn’t just jobs and relationships being destroyed, it’s also a matter of lawsuits being filed.So what are some of the legal dangers that come with posting on Facebook.The big problem with harassment is that what one person defines has harassment another might not.As such, if someone asks you to leave them alone, it is probably wise to do so.Finally, this is a very broad area to consider but most people who use Facebook have other jobs and many of those jobs have rules and regulations about what one can and can not discuss in public.

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