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Greg could tell, she guessed, that her strong tight nipples were aching for more. As Mike stood with his arms loose, Greg knelt beside Alina. ''I'm going to come, Mike,'' said Alina as she looked up. Greg must have felt the shake of her hips and knew she was on the brink.

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To make love was the deal, and she wanted it, wanted Greg to watch, wanted him to touch her - again. '' She let her husband suck one of her nipples and encouraged Greg. I can't blame him for that.'' ''Whatever you say, darling.'' Mike stroked his own cock. She ran her fingers across his cock and circled her hand around Greg's girth. Large and too big to deep-throat him, she relished the difference in texture and taste. The very thought that two men were in the act of pleasuring her made her skin go into goosebumps.

Mike peeled off her wet panties while Alina looked over at Greg who was seated now in a chair, as a voyeur. ''Let's see what you look like.'' The bulge between his legs drew her eyes ''Is Mike okay for me to strip? Get your clothes off.'' Greg was already in bare feet, his shirt came off and then his trousers. Alina wanted Greg to go further than play with himself. Greg was considerate, didn't push too far, kept his hips moving at a slow pace and the longer he did it the easier Alina found it. It seemed natural to concentrate on Greg rather than Mike. She placed her hand on top of her husband's head between her thighs and gave him encouragement.

There was no way she could get anyway near the Oscars, even with her money. '' ''I worked in America and made some useful contacts.'' ''I can tell Mike's keen and I'm interested.'' Alina wondered what the flip side would be.

''Suppose you win at this poker, Greg, what do you want? '' She glanced at her husband as she let the idea settle into her brain. Besides,'' she said, ''Greg is only going to see me in the nude for a few seconds ...

Mike was slim with grey eyes, fair hair and stood 5'10'' tall.

Mike lit a log fire in their sitting room as Alina made some drinks and coffee. After a while he suggested, ''How about we play poker? After a few rounds, Greg light-heartedly said, ''Let's have a bet.'' ''Yeah, let's make it interesting,'' said Alina, as she calculated how much money Greg could afford to lose ''Okay,'' said Greg.

''Mike, it's time to kneel.'' Mike did as he was told and Greg continued, ''As you kneel before her, explore Alina through her panties. '' She looked down at Mike as his fingers stroked across the gusset of her lace.

Mike grunted, ''Yes.'' She pulled Mike's head into her which helped to steady herself.

Each chapter features a different female, written from her point of view. At age 32, with dark hair down to her shoulders, slim and 5'6'' tall, she knew she was good looking. ''Go on, Mike.'' ''You're just a little rich girl who expects to get everything in life.'' He leaned over and inserted one finger into her. It made her jolt and she brought the car to a halt in a clearing at the side of the road. Following behind them, no longer out of sight, was Greg. Mike, however, worked as a partner in a law firm, and had just done some business with Greg, who was an old friend from University and had recently returned from America to live in the UK. In his twenties, Greg was handsome, fit, 6-foot tall with brown eyes.

Alina felt happy as she drove her white Porsche 911 Carrera soft top, and put her foot down on the mile-long straight road. She kept herself fit, did yoga, pilates and had shapely 'dancers' legs, much admired by other men. He does have smoky eyes though.'' Yes, she admitted to herself, Greg had charmed her. '' asked Mike, as he eased his fingers to touch her pussy. He knew where Alina and Mike lived, it was on his satnav with directions to their large country house in ten acres of Berkshire countryside. They had a conversation about waiting for Greg to catch up. His dark brown hair was long for a man and covered his collar.

If her husband had said ''no'' she would have agreed. Looking at his eyes she noticed the flecks of silver, a reflection of the flames from the log fire. '' A part of her mind had already accepted defeat at poker. It somehow felt better to Alina that she wasn't taking all her kit off just yet.

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