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If in doubt, send some cute emojis back and see how she responds.Texting is great for checking in with each other and quick little bon mots.So, if the new hire is asking for help, don’t read too much into it.

Here are three things to look out for: Women tend to be more emotional creatures than men. If your text interactions are peppered with hearts and smiles and winks, chances are she’s trying to drop you some hints.

By using emojis, she’s not outright saying anything, so she isn’t risking rejection, but it definitely means something.

When you say something funny, she might reach out to touch your arm or shoulder.

Maybe she fixes your hair or tucks your tag back in your shirt. You may think men are the only ones who act like idiots when we like someone, but that’s simply not the case.

Maybe you’re good at code while someone else is great at marketing.

It always pays to learn from each other and build skills by asking someone more experienced.

You probably socialize with most friends both in person and online, but maybe there’s someone you only know online. Or they could be someone who follows you on Instagram.

When you’re interacting with them, it’s hard to figure out if they’re flirting with you because you have no baseline for their behavior.

Is that nice comment a sign, or is it just a nice comment?

Here are few ways you can tell: In the workplace, everyone has different skill sets.

Is she twirling her hair, brushing her face, or bobbing her foot? Texting is the main form of communication these days.

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