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Address: Le Meridien Dubai, Airport Road, Al Garhoud, Dubai Contact: 9714-7022332 Open Hours: 11.00 am – 2.45 am 7.

Cin-Cin Housed in The Fairmont Hotel, Cin Cin is a good but expensive option for indulging in a pre- or postprandial drink any night of the week.

Picking up girls in Jules bar, it never takes you long enough to have a beer, just walk in, go past the first part of the bar, the front where the tables and bands are is mainly civilians enjoying the music, the working girls are in the second part near the bar.

Ku-bu One of the best-known nightclubs with free entry for residents in Dubai, this place is basically a pick up joint.

The Ku-Bu with his funky decor and a popular DJ from the UK who burns all night the dance floor with the mixes of news music.

When you have been in Dubai, you may feel that when the night coming, there are lots of excellent nightlife scene with a large choice of bars and nightclubs you can enjoy. You will find there are many ladies from Russia, India, Middle East, Philippine and Singapore like to play or relax in these bars or clubs when it is night, they go there in search of their fortune.

But all of the night club or bars must close before 3 a.m which based on the law of Dubai, in Dubai, Thursday is the biggest night with Fridays not far behind.

Each night there are usually 10-15 girls who would sit at bar and eye you up and down.

If you want to pick up them, you have to invite them over or go sit next to them.

They can give you a discount which depends on your personality because they prefer to spend the night with a good looking guy rather than a slob who will pay only slightly more.

Moreover, if you have any expensive watch/jewelry, keep them home as they will make those girls push the price up.

With the darkness of the night, girls start to drop into Ku-Bu and wait for you to pick up, dozens of girls, high heels, short skirts, leaving little to the imagination.

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