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Much of this debate surrounds the scope and reality of the Biblical account.Some say it was a literal worldwide flood, others say it is merely an allegorical story.In the various references to it can be shown it is most often used to infer a limited land area rather than the entire planet.

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However, there was a famine in all the lands that had contact with Egypt at that time.

Because of the famine the Bible states "all countries [ mean the planet earth makes the entire context an absurdity!

Certainly if the truth of this one subject were made evident many of the debates surrounding the Bible would no longer exist.

During the nineteenth century, two doctrines gained strength and popularity among Christians regarding what the Bible says (1) That the earth and all that is on it is very young in age, and (2) that there was a worldwide flood that destroyed all life upon the earth except that which was in Noah's Ark.

In this endeavour, we will need to examine exactly what is and is not being said today on this matter, and compare it to evidence derived from the Bible, science and history.

Here we will examine the Bible itself and see if the Bible really says what the literalists, fundamentalists, and creationists claim it says about a worldwide flood.

This fact is obvious in the mere reading of Genesis 6:9 and one who does not see it there will hardly be influenced by other reasoning.

Perhaps the most common error made in understanding the Scriptures is allowing inconsistencies to exist in the underlying principles it teaches. The rain that fell on the earth at the time of the Flood was also confined to a local land area.

Cover illustration: A woodcut of Noah and his Ark dating from 1493.

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