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However, one point we all know is that she was once in a relationship with her actor boyfriend, but is she still in a relationship with him? The couple began dating back in 2009, and the fans were absolutely in love with this pair.Caption: Ethan Peck and Lindsey Shaw dated back in 2009.She also returned to reprise her role as Paige Mc Cullers in Pretty Little Liars.

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The former child actress began her career as with the lead part in a sitcom, and that made her a known name and established as an actress.

She immediately worked on another series Aliens In America after the show ended and went on to work in even more series and films.

She also allegedly dated Devon Graye but the relation couldn’t be confirmed.

As the moment, she is probably single, but it is possible that she might be dating someone and have a partner.

So, one might conclude that she is more concerned about earning more fame and name in her career rather than shift her focus to having a partner, getting married and settle down in her life.

Speaking of her career, she is most known for the portrayal of a lesbian character in the successful series "Pretty Little Liars" where she plays Paige who is madly in love with Emily played by Shay Mitchel.

She is possibly or not a lesbian, but she had had some relations before she decided to go low-key.

The first ever known boyfriend of the actress is Ethan Peck with whom she started dating in 2009.

She obviously has a lot of fans and admirers all over the country and the globe.

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