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Also, when Ben gives Felicity a film cannister as a gift and asks her, “Do you know what this is?

” and she says, “Yeah, it’s a film cannister,” he replies, “No — it’s a time machine.” Sweet, sweet Ben.

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See more » No matter how hard I try, I cannot get into this show.

The cast are, in general, quite talented and appear to understand their characters. I'd prefer to watch a group of my own friends run around in a field for an hour.

8.1.06 - Teri Polo (Maggie Sherwood) has agreed to star in "Legacy of Fear," a Lifetime TV-movie.

7.17.06 - Abrams Takes His Robot to New Shops - 'Lost,' 'M: I-III' auteur leaves Disney J. Abrams, who helped revive ABC's fortunes with "Lost" and has two other shows on the network this fall, is severing his ties with the net's sister studio, Touchstone TV, and moving on to greener pastures. 6.30.06 - Thanks to some fancy licensing-rights footwork by bossman Garth Ancier, WB will end its 11-year run on Sunday, Sept.

Keri Russell and Scott Speedman followed up Russell's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony with a late-night appearance, where they opened up about playing on-screen love interests, Felicity Porter and Ben Covington, on the WB drama from 1998 to 2002, and the short-lived real-life romance that followed.

In fact, Speedman recalled being a "disaster of a boyfriend" -- and Russell agreed!

In season one, episode 5 (Spooked), Felicity sees Ben kissing a girl in a pink Power Ranger costume at the Halloween party.

Amy Jo Johnson (Julie) previously played the pink Power Ranger in the Power Ranger series and movies.

You gotta do it.' And I got to work, and she turned around the corner and my face sort of froze in a half panic, half smile situation.

I just did not pull it off, and you called me on it," Speedman, 41, said with a laugh. Yeah, chia pet.""There was a chia pet vibe," Russell, 41, agreed., 15 Years After the Series Finale"Young 20s is called disaster of a boyfriend," Russell explaining, refusing to divulge more at Speedman's request."Not much has changed," he confessed.

Garner and Grunberg, who costarred together in Alias and Felicity, are both longtime supporters of the organization.

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