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Working through life transitions, and finding meaning in our experiences, is an important feature of my counseling role.

Toward this end, I primarily utilize an eclectic approach with an emphasis on brief, short-term psychotherapy skills.

Consequently, I encourage clients to be sensitive to and take care of each part of their being. I have worked in medical and psychiatric hospitals treating acutely medically and/ or psychiatric ill persons and their families; in home health settings with those who struggle with chronic or terminal illness; in an office with ten psychiatrists treating individuals, couples, and families with widely varied diagnoses and degree of severity; in schools with students, teachers and families and in mental health clinics.

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I am available to provide high quality, professional counseling, advice, feedback, encouragement and support.

Whatever problems and troubles you are faced with, I can offer you positive, non-judgmental, effective therapeutic intervention.

Ongoing therapy will permit you to rediscover your power and voice in life.

Together we will identify what is missing in your life and build a framework for recovery and regain your lost confidence in life.

Sometimes we learn life’s lessons the hard way-it just seems to be part of being human.

If you’re feeling stuck in a confusing or painful situation, consider therapy. It’s about learning how to sort things out for yourself. I employ cognitive, behavioral, insight, relaxation training, and mind, body, spirit approaches.

I am an attentive, thoughtful listener and have successfully helped thousands of people gain real control.

I have refined a style of assisting others that is direct and action oriented, with a solution focus.

As understanding of one’s part in this system unfolds, insight increases causing anxiety to lessen, and the way forward to become clear.

I work primarily with mature teens and adults of all ages. I do believe in careful and thoughtful therapeutic work that can bring some relief in the short term and increasing understanding and more solid functioning over time.

Young clients ages 6 to 15 are treated in the context of a family. Para los que hablan espanol tengo mas de 20 anos de experiencia como terapista y consejero indiviual y familiar.

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