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The findings have revealed a life remarkably similar to ours in certain ways.

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Research shows Neanderthals shared many behaviors long considered unique to today's humans.

The discoveries are taking place inside a cave complex recently declared a World Heritage Site.

Another specimen from a different locale on Gibraltar (Gibraltar 2) has however been dated to between 30 thousand to 50 thousand years old.

Until the late twentieth century, it was believed that the last Neanderthals disappeared about 35,000 years ago.

Back when Neanderthals lived there, the rock was surrounded by a beach.

Over tens of thousands of years, wind blowing sand into the caves, and rising sea levels, trapped the artifacts inside—until now.Meaning, it was probably that group's kitchen"Deliberately, as in a conscious decision to make an impression on the rock.Whether they were trying to communicate a message as art or a message as, I don't know, a rudimentary map, we will never really know, not scientifically. We're looking at the beginning of expression of the human race," Finlayson explained.Vanguard Cave and Gorham's Cave are still the sites of active archaeological excavation in 2012.These caves may have represented the refugium of Gibraltar's Neanderthals.Gibraltar 1 is the specimen name of a Neanderthal skull found at Forbes' Quarry in Gibraltar in 1848, by Captain Edmund Flint, a British officer with the Royal Navy.

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