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Although few of these proceed further than a Garda interview, they suggest that an increasing number of Tinder dates are turning into threatening or dangerous encounters.

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The trial for Sonia Blount’s murder shows the lengths some people will go to in order to create plausible fake online identities.

Blount, who had a three-year-old son, had begun chatting to a man called Shane Cully on Facebook.

Transcripts of the woman’s messages revealed that she told the accused she had a “naughty side”.

She described herself as “horny” and told him that “kissing was one of her biggest turn-ons.” These may be mild messages in sexting terms, but it’s hard to imagine people saying that kind of thing to each other on a first date in a bar or restaurant.

When she arranged to meet him at the Plaza Hotel in Tallaght in early 2014 she was unaware that he was in reality her former boyfriend.

Locke had invented the profile a year earlier, and it appeared active and genuine.

Noeline Blackwell, chief executive of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, says more people are making contact with individuals via social media and suffering sexual violence as a result.

A criminal barrister says he receives about one phone call a month relating to allegations of rape or sexual assault after one-off meetings on Tinder.

Sonia Blount, who was 31, had been killed by Eric Locke, her 35-year-old ex-boyfriend.

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