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After this I can detect greenness and a touch of patchouli which I think balances out the sweetness. I don’t find this heavy-spicey or as nearly as interesting as the reviews suggest, it is a nice, pretty, woodsy-floral fragrance, I might say risk-free.

I was under the impression Bvlgari was a bit of a powerhouse with regards to perfume. I see now I was a total sucker for advertising (don’t you hate that?!

The urban look may have been rife on the catwalks of Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang, but as usual our good old high street fave's have nailed the trend too.

One of our top rules to play by when working the sports luxe is to keep the colour minimal so we'd advise you stick to a neutral palette with our pick of monochrome styles below and inject flashed of colour with a few choice accessories.

The perfumers wanted to compose Jasmin Noir with jasmine as the central ingredient, but in a very different way than before.

Jasmine is wrapped and created as dark, with mysterious aromas of precious wood.

Online shops offers: Fragrance 4 items for 7.79 - 32.49 2 items for 9.00 - 55.93 USDFragrance 3 items for 10.79 - 49.99 USDBeauty Encounter 1 product for 37.48 USA, LLC 1 product for 63.66 USDView products...

Bvlgari presents their new perfume Jasmin Noir to the market in September 2008.

He said in an interview this April: 'The last time I drunk was New Year’s Eve. It's game on for the soon-to-be Mrs Costa in this sports luxe inspired dress which features a large graphic 85 print on the front, the look is the perfect combo of sporty yet stylish.

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