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Chris dabbed a liberal amount of drugs on her keys, especially the space bar that she always liked to push with her thumb, then think with the thumb on her lips.After dabbing the drugs and closing the laptop, Chris clocked out and headed to Ryanne's place to hide and wait.

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Macbeth pushes her and she topples over to the bed face down, and head cocked to the side(From a few angles, she drops).

After she is dead Macbeth goes for round two, slamming her from behind to get his last fuck in before he buries her.

He knew she probably didn't but had to investigate while she worked away furiously to meet the deadline.

Chris also gets caught up in her sexy face, especially when she thought hard about what she was doing, she would stick her finger slightly in her mouth, resting it on her lips, which always matched her painted fingers and toes.

Her perfect toes are always painted with some sort of red, this week it was a deep plum, and matched her outfits every day of the week.

Chris also wonders whether Ryanne wears a bra or not, until Thursday came and she was wearing a VERY SHEER blouse that reveals the answer to his question.

She quickly shuns these visions and tells him to cum.

Her words are harsh as he finishes, so he takes one of her lace top thigh highs and wraps it around her neck.

She now rides him cowboy, taking the pleasure, and throwing her head around. As she looks up she sees an apparition of Macbeth, bloodied chest, stabbed by the dagger, she smiles and gets into the sex.

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