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Our source also tells The that rumors of Emily previously being a model and/or video chick are all false. Word on the street is that Emily Llano befriended Emily B. She might not be a video hoe but she is definelty a groupie hoe.

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I am a college graduate, in my early 20’s, and I refuse to have a child until I CAN financially support them, not a man supporting them for me! I love independent women that don't look at men as meal tickets. I admire the fact that she may have been a teenage mother but fought statistic and didn't have more back to back...had a baby with a man that can afford that take care of his baby at the moment.

Please don't get me started on her colour...beauty is not defined by the pigment in your skin. [/quote] "Who care what their nationalities are.most important thing is do they love each other to make the relationship last". That's what's up.[/quote] Got U, are you advocating for teenage pregnancies and a woman having a child for a man because he can take of her; what happen to get your own, peoples?

And one of our sources tell us no one, including Emily, is exactly sure if marriage is going to happen anytime soon. even if your blind ass thinks she is, someone else OBVIOUSLY find her attractive [quote comment="151011"]Why am I still in grad school?

Especially because at this current time there are no plans Emily has even discussed with her closest friends. and having a child at 16 does not make you a whore. Clearly I should be a stylist.[/quote] Clearly we all should be!!

She had a child (singular, meaning one) 10 yrs ago.

Granted, she was young, but that does not make her a whore.

While all her peers were enjoying their youth, she was too busy having babies!!

I guess you are co-signing this behavior because you were also a teenage mom.

SMH at you, boo With your lack of education, I don't expect better!

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