Edmonton speed dating events fear in dating

The time we spend together, although short, should feel organic.

Many of the guys were very nice, some a bit shy, a couple were somewhat arrogant, lots were engineers, all of them were just hoping, like we were, to meet someone great.

The majority of my friends are coupled, engaged, married or starting families.

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We already had a hard enough time recalling all the conversations we had that night and differentiating the guys from one another after we left, let alone adding another eight people to the mix.

However, I posed this question to my friends over our dessert: despite some complaints about some of the guys and the event itself, would you ever go speed dating again?

Interested students will be able to talk to industry professionals from a wide range of jobs within the marketing, design and advertising industry. Each student will sit with each industry member for a few minutes asking questions and then move on to the next person.

If you’re interested in participating in this event, please e-mail Ashleigh Niziol at [email protected]

I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit we were sizing people up a little bit.

After all, the girls were our competition and the guys were the reason why we were there.

, ACE will be holding its annual student speed mentoring event, sponsored by Starburst Creative.

We are looking for industry members who are willing to chat with students and share their years of expertise and wisdom.

Ultimately, we ended up making a new girlfriend who is relatively new to the city, and, naturally, we invited her to join us for dessert after the event closed up shop and all the speed daters dispersed.

We chatted about how it all went as girls are apt to do and came to the realization that there are plenty of us in the same boat. We’re not sure why it’s so hard to find someone we can connect with, but we’re willing to take our time to find the right person.

When we came back about 10 minutes later, the hostess was there and greeted us, letting us know where everyone would be seated later on and invited us to grab a drink at the bar to unwind until all participants showed up.

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