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The second part of the policy is safety protocols for the workplace that protect the safety of both the employee experiencing domestic violence, as well as others."Working with employees to provide flexible hours, training for staff on how to know the signs of domestic violence and address them, assisting them with screening their calls, a buddy system to ensure safety coming to and from their vehicle," Wright said.The policy is designed to allow an environment for victims to come forward, without stigma, to work towards living free without violence."There's a lot of stigma around domestic violence and people often keep it quiet for many, many years," said Wright."Domestic violence leave policies are a very clear statement."According to Wright, domestic violence costs Canada about billion."The vast majority of those costs is for services such as long court cases, legal costs, health care," she said."But just over million of that is cost to employers and that is because of absenteeism, low productivity or having to rehire and retrain someone."Australia has had domestic violence policies since last year, and Wright looked to theirs as a model.

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Victims might want to consider doing all of the above; the victim’s safety is of the utmost importance.

It might be useful to consider keeping important things together in case it is necessary to leave the home quickly.

Organisations must also determine who has ultimate responsibility for the decision whether to file a report.

Organisations need to focus attention on specific forms of violence, for example female genital mutilation (FGM) and honour-based violence.

This allows professionals who are subject to a duty of confidentiality or doctor-patient privilege to report concerns about domestic violence to Veilig Thuis, even without the consent of those involved.

The following inspectorates check whether organisations and self-employed persons have a protocol in place, and whether they encourage staff to study and use it: Municipalities are responsible for monitoring certain organisations in the social support and child care sectors.A domestic violence and child abuse protocol helps professionals such as doctors, teachers and staff at young offender institutions to respond effectively to signs of violence.Since 1 July 2013 it is mandatory for professionals who suspect a case of domestic violence to consult and follow a special protocol.Volunteer organisations are, of course, allowed to develop their own step-by-step plan.Each organisation and independent professional develops their own protocol.The government is currently compiling basic guidelines for the child check.

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