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He replies to texts and phone calls promptly and I saw him last night again for drinks.He was very polite and didn't even make any moves on me..I initiated a kiss (maybe I had too many glasses of wine) because I wanted to know if there was any chemistry there.

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Has anyone else ever dated a feminine/metrosexual kind of guy?

I'd really like to help you, but unfortunately I'm the most unmetrosexual guy I know. If I felt chemistry on the 1st date I'd kiss her on the cheek and hug, 2nd date I'd try to kiss her lips and have deeper converation. I'm not really into guys who come off as feminine - basically a dealbreaker for me.

Every once in awhile he would pick up his napkin and dab the corner of his mouth when he got something on it.

When he talked, he was very soft spoken and had a high voice. LMAO He used his hands as he talked making feminine hand gestures with weak wrists.

Maybe it’s because I was bullied in kindergarten or maybe it’s because my dad is a very intimidating, scary kinda guy.

Either way, I always find myself gravitating towards the softer, more sensitive types of guys and it’s probably because a part of me knows that I’ll be safer with them. Feminine men are usually more intuitive and sensitive to other people’s feelings, so if there’s something wrong, I can depend on them to listen to whatever’s bothering me and help me figure it out.Everyone else in the whole place including the women used their fingers and dunked the fry. It's more than just dressing well, it's in the way he moves. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. He chewed very carefully taking only very small bites as to not look like he was hungry. Haven't you ever met someone and thought yep, they're gay..maybe he's really not. It’s the type of relationship where we’re both constantly exploring different sides of ourselves and aren’t just using each other to fulfill our egos. I find feminine men to be more open to trying new things in bed that super masculine dudes might be too insecure about, such as using toys and doing kinky stuff in general.If I feel like leading in an activity, I can and if he feels like it, he can. Masculine men tend to be afraid of getting upstaged or seeming gay, whereas feminine guys feel totally okay with putting themselves in compromising positions in bed.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

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