Dating food

How did you come up with a list of favourite foods?

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For now, we’re collecting data in terms of how restaurants would want to use such a tool. Or do they want to also collect analytics, such as: Who is liking the pictures most? Who is going to the restaurant after making a connection? Between $20 and $40 per month, depending on the range of services. It has to be tagged to a restaurant because we want people to meet there.

That’s our promise to restaurants: That people will meet on the app, see the pictures tagged to the restaurant and go there for their first date.

After repeatedly striking out on dating apps, Vikram Bhatia, a software developer, decided to build his own.

But to improve his odds, the 31-year-old Toronto man needed to create something different.

You’re appealing to restaurants to promote their favourite dishes on the app.

That’s where our revenue model comes in — we want to keep it free for users.

I thought, food actually connects and what if you were to start looking at people who want to have the same food? There was something connecting people based on music, but nobody was doing it with food.

I created a database of all the dishes that are popular, like tacos, pizza, coffee.

If a restaurant posts more than three pictures, it will pay us a certain amount …

But for the next six months, PB&J is going to be released as a free-for-all, and restaurants can post unlimited pictures before we come out with a subscription program.

So I thought of creating something where you put someone’s interests up front, with looks being secondary.

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