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It then fell to Joe Patti, Anheuser's vice president for retail planning and category management, to fine-tune the system into Bud Net.

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Second, none of the other brewers approaches Anheuser's data-mining savvy.

"It's not just collecting data," says Harry Schuhmacher, editor of Beer Business Daily. Anheuser-Busch is the smartest in figuring out how to use it." The trick has served Anheuser beautifully since Busch III announced the company's tech blitz.

The last time you bought a six-pack of Bud Light at the Piggly Wiggly, Anheuser servers most likely recorded what you paid, when that beer was brewed, whether you purchased it warm or chilled, and whether you could have gotten a better deal down the street.

Anheuser uses the data to constantly change marketing strategies, to design promotions to suit the ethnic makeup of its markets, and as early warning radar that detects where rivals might have an edge.

You are bidding on an Anheuser Busch "Get Acquainted Pack" of three "Busch Extra Dry" Ginger Ale Bottles from around 1920, when prohibition began and the Anheuser-Busch company started producing "ice cream, barley malt syrup, ginger ale, root beer, chocolate andgrape-flavored beverage, corn syrup, truck and bus bodies, refrigeratedcabinets, baker's yeast and dealcholized Budweiser" according to the Anheuser-Busch website . For more information on the condition of the box and bottles see the pictures or contact the seller.

Included in this auction is a cardboard Anheuser Busch box with three Busch Extra Dry ginger ale bottles inside. Shipping for this auction will be .00 dollars inside the United States.

"If Anheuser-Busch loses shelf space in a store in Clarksville, Tennessee, they know it right away," says Joe Thompson, president of Independent Beverage Group, a research and consulting firm.

"They're better at this game than anyone, even Coca-Cola (KO)." As recently as six years ago, the beer industry was a technological laggard.

"Since Michelob Light [an Anheuser brand] serves as an official sponsor of the LPGA Tour," Patti explains, "if someone asks how the brand is distributed on golf courses, we can quickly calculate our distribution and develop plans to address the courses that don't carry Michelob Light." That's an advantage Anheuser enjoys for two reasons.

First, the company wields Wal-Mart-like clout with wholesalers and insists on exclusive deals with as many as possible, offering incentives for those that comply, IBG's Thompson says.

No wonder Anheuser-Busch is so tight-lipped about its data-mining operation.

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