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Please note, we are only able to ship to the address that is provided by Pay Pal in the Pay Pal payment.However, the firm said that they were unaware of the problem and added that it would not take long to revise.Prima replaces the internal floppy drive but includes Shuffle Board to make your external floppy drive DFO:.

Domark say Commodore are better th^n most manufacturers in giving details of planned 32-Dti RAM 1024 ■ 4 SOn* ORAM* SHADOW ROM Move ycur Kicks Mfl Into 3?

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Tune in \p Europe s mosj ■ lyrical music " page % ' ' CONTENTS Zut Alors A hilarious text, adventure set in Louis XIVs Paris.

The only external difference between the A500P and the nor- mal A500 is a badge on the key- board casing naming the computer as a Commodore A500 Plus, and a small Commodore logo.

Ocean's latest hit, Terminator 2 - Judgement Day, is just one and other products are labelled with green diamonds to indicate Amiga DOS 2 compatibil- 32-Dti RAM 1024 ■ 4 SOn* ORAM* SHADOW ROM Move ycur Kicks Mfl Into 3?

Above-forecast sales of the Cartoon Classics pack led to standard A500 shortages and a sur- prise early release for the Plus, say Commodore.

and one megabyte of wimiuy not available for testing software.

Gremlin's production manager told us: "Everybody will sort it out - it won't be a big problem." Some software is already selling with ASOOP-compatible stickers on its packaging.

Spokesman Andrew Ball says that developers were sent details of the firm's plans more than a year ago and have had sufficient time to write software to guidelines.

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