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She goes above and beyond to assure that deadlines are met and information submitted is accurate.She does her best to ensure that employees are well-informed regarding payroll procedures and benefits.BACK TO TOP I stand beneath the bloody tree from which my brother always hung deer carcasses after the hunt since the Reaper took my brother nephews still follow tradition I look up at the sacrifice and plot subversion I denied the blood lust of the hunt by a father who could not bear to see his daughter tote a gun into green woods shed the lives of the innocent have had to settle for being a woman cursed, blessed by a dark twist of mind I pray over deer carcasses, see the beauty in their residual magic fancy myself the seanachi for this family of hunters, the deer they kill I will call down the Cailleach ancient deer goddess, she who attends the death of every deer, determines deer destinies we will dance beneath the hanging tree tonight weep, wail, rend the dark with spells and blessings touch beloved creatures with magic staffs, reverse their fates spirits of doe, buck, yearling jump down from bloody oak leave ravaged bodies behind the smoke of deer ghosts fades back into the woods follows the Cailleach to her cauldron toward a promise of rebirth next spring Jake, the spectral golden retriever, howls from his grave neath the deer tree warns as he did in life of deer robbery of the conspiracy of woman and goddess no one notices but Jake that deer souls have gone on to their new incarnations no one listens to this ghostly sentinel but Cernunnos, blood thirsty god of the hunt the old horned one, he will notice he will not be pleased a woman and Cailleach Got the last word in his hunt This year at Easter we will sprinkle my brother David in these woods, beneath this very tree I pray that the Cailleach will take mercy on this hunter, let him rise from her sacred cauldron in these woods spring up anew in the body of a deer, of a twenty point buck let him rise up luminous as the deer's eyes flashing as bright as his smile dimpled in life I pray she will crown him with blue morning glories sweet common weed, twisted round his majestic rack my brother, just a common man but beautiful too surround him with a flock of chickadees to erase all his old memories sing him into his new life, forest king fee bee, chick a dee dee dee dee dee may he come full circle under this oak man and deer, deer and man amen and amended hallelujah Bonnie Korta graduated from the College of William & Mary.

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Please submit the Federal Work Study Request Form by May 11.

If you have any questions regarding the request form, contact Precious Ward at (919) 718-7285.

The event featured dishes by Culinary & Hospitality Arts students represented from Chatham, Harnett, and Lee counties. The Financial Aid Office has several open slots to request Federal Work Study student employees for the 2018-2019 academic year.

If you or your department can benefit from the assistance of our wonderful students.

I was looking for a payroll position that was hands-on from start to finish.

I live in Sanford, so when this position became available it was exactly what I was looking for career-wise as well as being close to home. My oldest, Emily, is 19 and a freshman in college, Jared is 16, Christian is 11, and Stella is 8.They tried for many years to qualify in the national high school competition offered by Jazz at Lincoln Center.In May 2016, in a first for North Carolina, the Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble was selected to go to the finals in New York City and earned second place.Now is your chance to nominate that deserving colleague for our Faculty, Staff, Advisors, and Adjunct of the Year awards.Remember, if you don't nominate them, then they can't win.In 2017, they were again selected to participate, and many of the individual musicians received special recognition. The Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble is among 109 high school jazz bands across North America that entered the competition by submitting recordings of three tunes performed from charts from Jazz at the Lincoln Center Essentially Ellington library.

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