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By: Maranatha Temple - ICGC At the heart of this devotional is the desire to make God's eternal Word real to our day to day experiences.

The prayer network social networking site provide a great place for us to start standing up for that belief so that our light may shine amounts unbelievers and to publicly show our continuous support for Jesus Christ ministry.

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By: Tetze Torah Ministries Some traditions hinder our individual relationship with our Heavenly Father; other traditions enhance it.

Every Saturday morning, during Sabbath service, Jewish synagogues the world over, engage in the public reading and studying of the Pentateuch (the first five books of Moshe).

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Sunday: Gospels // Monday: Torah // Tuesday: History // Wednesday: Psalms // Thursday: Poetry // Friday: Prophets // Saturday: Epistles By: The Way, Truth, and Life This is a daily study Bible which covers archeological info, scientific facts and inferences, How certain biblical events happened, and what we can learn from these stories. Enter James, Jesus’ intrepid younger brother, whose short letter pierces though the self-deception and lukewarm living all too common among professing Christians.

By: Anthem Church This devotional is intended to coincide with our expositional preaching series through the Gospel of Mark. No New Testament book is more influenced by the teachings of Jesus nor more controversial throughout church history, than James’ epistle. By: Michael Mercurio Discipleship 101 is a ministry of First Alliance Church in Silver Spring, MD. We're going to post one a month so you can reflect on each for some time. ) By: HI SLS Kodai 2013 This is the 3 month reading plan suggested by Bro Rajkumar. Preferably read your 20 chapters at one sitting early morning. If you cannot read at one sitting read ten chapters in the morning and the rest at night d. page_id=5191 By: The Soul of My Feet Hope you can join the 8 day Journey as we discover the courage, beauty and faith of Ruth who would become part of God’s plan to redeem His people. https:// Soul Of My Feet By: Cold Springs Community Church These are passages that Cold Springs Community Church leaders have suggested as essential Scriptures to memorize. The texts are chosen yearly in Germany for use in all editions of the Daily Texts throughout the world. By: Grace Long Beach The Daily Texts is a daily devotional guide published yearly since 1731. Begun in Germany as a daily oral tradition, it soon became a regularly printed set of texts for each day of the year.You will often find a new perspective each time you reread a passage. For this particular study, allow me to start in B'resheet (Genesis) with Avraham and circumcision.

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