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Song Jiao-ren's contribution notwithstanding, Jiang Yongjing attributed the multiple-province members recruited and disciplined by "Tong Meng Hui" to the success of the domino-effect provincial independence during the 1911 Xin Hai Revolution.

Historian Shen Yunlong called the attention to the Manchu Qing's abolition of the imperial civil services exam as a fundamental cause in re-orienting the innumerable talented revolutionaries towards services under the Manchu Qing's re-organized New Army, and Shen Yunlong attributed Manchu Governor-general Zhang Zhidong's arts and military academies to the upbringing of a generation of revolutionaries who played the pivotal role in the 1911 soldier uprising at Wuchang, Hubei Province. Scholar Yuan Weishi blamed Sun Yat-sen's Second Revolution as a cause of the KMT's decline in the early history of China's politics and a bad example for China's modern history, and further praised Cai Er (Cai E) and Liang Qi-chao as the pillar forces responsible for capsizing Yuan Shi-kai's imperial enthronement.

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Xin Hai Revolution: External vs Internal Inducements Manchu Army System & Northern Warlords Founding Of The Republic Of China (ROC) Yuan Shi-kai - First President of ROC Song Jiaoren - Re-organization of Kuomingtang (KMT) Song Jiaoren's Assassination Death & Second Revolution Yuan Shi-kai Trampling On Republic First World War & China - Japan's Twenty-one Demands Yuan Shi-kai's Imperial Enthronement The Republic Restoration Wars Duan Qirui's Ascension To Power, & Compromises Re-convening of Parliament & Revival Of Parties Duan Qirui's Premier Post vs Li Yuanhong's Presidency Zhang Xun's Restoration Of Imperial House Southern Government & Protecting 'Interim Agreed-Upon Laws' Civil Wars Among Northern Warlords Russia, Britain & Japan - Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia & Manchuria Russian Revolution: Nationalism vs Internationalism Sun Yat-sen's Return To Canton After Expelling Gui-xi "Allying Multiple Provinces For Self-Determination" Cai Yuanpei, Hu Shi, Chen Duxiu & New Culture Movement WWI, Workers' Awakening & Their Anti-Imperialism Role Versailles Conference & May 4th Students' Movement USSR/Comintern Seeking & Implanting Chinese Partners Guangdong-Guangxi War & Li Zongren's Emergence Chen Jiongming Rebellion Against Sun Yat-sen USSR / Comintern Alliance With KMT & CCP KMT First National Congress (Jan 1924) Founding of Chinese Communist Party CCP-Organized Workers' Movements Peasants' Poverty Is China's Poverty Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung) & Peasant/Land Revolution Borodin, Moscow & Chinese Revolution Li Zongren Quelling Guangxi & Wars In Southwest China Chiang Kai-shek & Whampoa Military Academy 5-30 Bloody Incident, HK-Guangdong Strike, & Boycotts Wang Jingwei & KMT Left-Wing Zhongshan Warship Incident Northern Expeditions & Unification Of China KMT Purging CCP: Tragedy of The 'Grand Revolution' Excerpts of Zou Rong's "Revolutionary Army" [translation by apparently Frank Diktter and the sort who had no clue about "Chinese racism/nationalism" of the 1900s at which time the revolutionary forerunners had undergone several stages of cognizance as to the "social Darwinism" but adopted for the Republic of China the "Five Color National Flag" [1912-1928], which was symbolic of the union of the five ethnic groups of the Han Chinese, the Mongols, the Manchus, the Tibetans & the Hui Muslims] " Sweep away millennia of despotism in all its forms, throw off millennia of slavishness, annihilate the five million and more of the furry and horned Manchu race, cleanse ourselves of 260 years of harsh and unremitting pain, so that the soil of the Chinese subcontinent is made immaculate, and the descendants of the Yellow Emperor will all become Washingtons.

Then they will return from the dead to life again, they will emerge from the Eighteen Levels of Hell and rise to the Thirty Three mansions of Heaven, in all their magnificence and richness to arrive at their zenith, the unique and incomparable of goals - revolution. I follow thereupon the line of the Great Wall, scale the Kunlun Mountains, travel the length of the Yangzi, follow to its source the Yellow River.

It is inevitable if the Manchu yoke is to be thrown off; it is inevitable if China is to be independent; it is inevitable is to take its place as a powerful nation on the globe; it is inevitable if China is to survive for long in the new world of the 20th century; it is inevitable if China is to be a great country in the world and play the leading role. Fellow-countrymen, are there any of you whether old or in middle years, in your prime of life or young, be it man or woman, who is talking of revolution or working actively for revolution?

Fellow countrymen, assist each other and live for each other in revolution.

I here cry at the top of my voice to spread the principles of revolution throughout the land.

Revolution is the universal principle of evolution.

Jiang Yongjing, in "The Land-Sea Ebb History of the KMT", did not cover up Song Jiaoren's dispute with Sun Yat-sen in launching an independent "Tong Meng Hui" in the Yangtze River area, which was to fulfill Song Jiaoren's middle tactic of achieving the revolution success in the Yangtze River area against Sun Yat-sen's emphasis on southern China.

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