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NCD has completed over the past several years civil rights policy evaluations directly related to the disability policy areas addressed in the New Freedom Initiative. Quigley, Director of Communications Martin Gould, Ed. D., Program Specialist Pamela O'Leary, Interpreter Allan W.

NCD invites you and your Administration to draw on the research and studies conducted by our agency for information on how and where executive agencies can act to the maximum benefit of their consumers. House of Representatives.) Marca Bristo, Chairperson Kate Pew Wolters, First Vice Chairperson Hughey Walker, Second Vice Chairperson Yerker Andersson, Ph. Holland, Chief Financial Officer Brenda Bratton, Executive Assistant Stacey S.

Today, more than 54 million Americans have disabilities, a full 20 percent of the U. Significant barriers, however, still exist for individuals with disabilities who try to participate fully in American society.

NCD will work with your Administration and Congress to ensure that every individual with a disability has access to the American dream.

With strong, representative, and experienced leadership and open, ongoing input from the disability community, we can meet the challenge to make the most of the opportunities facing us at the start of your new Administration. Kemp Audrey Mc Crimon Gina Mc Donald Bonnie O'Day, Ph. Lilliam Rangel-Diaz Debra Robinson Ela Yazzie-King Ethel D. Rosen, General Counsel and Director of Policy Mark S.

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Unfortunately, on average, Americans with disabilities have a lower level of educational attainment and are poorer and more likely to be unemployed than those without disabilities.

In today's global economy, America must be able to draw on the talents and creativity of all its citizens.

“No federal civil rights statute imposes such onerous requirements on discrimination victims before they can have the opportunity to enforce their rights in court,” said Rep. Y., speaking against the bill on the House floor Thursday.

Under the bill, those wishing to sue businesses in federal court over an ADA public-accommodations violation must first deliver a written notice to that business detailing the illegal barrier to access and then give that business 60 days to come up with a plan to address the complaints and an additional 60 days to take action.

But the bill’s critics say it would not necessarily stem the phenomenon because lawyers could still demand monetary settlements that do not include fixing the problems they identify.

The abuses, the critics say, are better handled through state laws and local legal disciplinary authorities.

National Council on Disability1331 F Street, NW, Suite 850Washington, DC 20004 National Disability Policy: A Progress Report December 2000--December 2001 This report is also available in alternative formats and on NCD's award-winning Web site (gov).

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