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As a result, he began speaking at events for boot camps hosted by Love Systems and Mystery Method.

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Adam also said "I learnt the skill set I did to have the life I wanted.

When my relationship no longer matched the future I wanted It made sense to move on." In December 2014 he published the video below with his 2 girlfriends he has since been living with for around a year.

He explains why a singer may seem attractive while performing, but not so much in a social situation.

which involves understanding the psychology of situations and events in the immediate vicinity of a woman you wish to meet.

At the peak of his career he reports often being accompanied to clubs with 20 or 30 good looking women.

The methods taught by Adam have evolved over the years, although they have always involved the use of pre-selection and social proof to some extent.

Finally, it was requested of him to open the 2007 PUA Summit which improved his reputation as a PUA in the United States.

He was still very new to the industry, but gave his pick up style the title, ”social circle game.” His was actively dating Amanda Lyons at that time.

Adam Lyons has been part of the London Seduction Society and the seduction community since 2005.

In 2007 he began working with PUA Training and became known for teaching social circle game which he had been using successfully in the London night club scene.

One way which Adam explains attraction is by using this formula which represents events leading to someone being attracted to you if they had not been at first site: (C-R) Q S = A Adam states that he was voted least likely to get a girlfriend by classmates when he was 15 years old.

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