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Today, reflect on your personal relationship with Jesus and the joy it brings you to invite others into intimate fellowship with the Word of Life, Jesus Christ. which we have looked at and our hands have touched--this we proclaim.

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Consider how many times John uses words like “proclaim” and “testify.” In other words, John's mission is a natural and vibrant outflow of his personal encounter with Jesus.

He is not merely proclaiming a message, but a person.

To them, other senses might possibly deceive a person, but the sense of touch could give sure and definite knowledge.

In other words, you could be certain about things you yourself had handled.

In his Gospel, John refers to Jesus as “the Word” (cf. Both John and Paul know that relationships are three-way: you, the other, and God, and that joy cannot be complete if those “under your care” (cf.

John 1:1-2, 14), and Jesus Himself claims to be “the life” (John 14:6). I Peter 5:2) are stagnant in fellowship with Christ.Second, sight--they were eyewitnesses to and participants in His life.Third, touch--they had hands-on experience with the physical reality of His life.Though hearing and seeing are repeated in verses 2-3, touch was the most important sense because it provided the most certain knowledge.Jesus invited the disciples to touch Him (Luke )--He was not afraid of concrete examination--and He ate food as the proof of His Resurrection (see April 15).He is astonished that the Life is no longer simply a word to be heard, but now someone to be seen.

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